Selected Media Interviews and Features

September 22, 2023: Quoted in "If the Great Salt Lake dries up, what would that mean for the U.S. economy?", Janet Nguyen, Marketplace.

Sep 9, 2023: "Ed Barbier, Featured Guest, Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio," Host: Bernice Baker, iHeart Radio, KXFR 1190AM.

May 22, 2023: "CSU’s Ed Barbier’s call to climate action for the G7 Summit featured in Nature." Ann Claycomb, The Source, Colorado State University.

September 14, 2022: Video and Podcast Interview in "Dialogues: Economics for a fragile planet with Ed Barbier." Dialogues for the Common Good. Available at

September 6, 2022: Featured Guest in "Shifting to a Green Economy with Dr. Edward B. Barbier." Biophilic Solutions: Nature Has the Answers Podcast. Available at

August 26, 2022: Quoted in "Impact report: how biodiversity coverage shapes lives and policies." Anna Nowagrodzki, Nature. Available at

July 15, 2021: Quoted in "Trillions of dollars spent on Covid recovery in ways that harm environment." Fiona Harvey, The Guardian. Available at

February 8, 2022: "#MeetTopEnvEcon – Ed Barbier", Meet Top Environmental Economists Podcasts. Available at

July 14, 2021: Quoted in Nicole Brady, "360: Baby bust? Colorado has one of lowest fertility rates in the country and is already seeing the impact." Denver 7 360. Available at

March 10, 2021: "Pandemic deforestation." Live interview, Julie Rose, Top of Mind, BYURadio and SiriusXM 143. Available at

March 10, 2021: Quoted in "Governments failing to fulfil talk of green Covid recovery, UN warns." Fiona Harvey, The Guardian. Available at

February 12, 2021: Quoted and UN report cited in "Global green recovery plans fail to match 2008 stimulus, report shows", Fiona Harvey, The Guardian. Available at

November 27, 2020: Featured Guest in "Episode 7: US Election Special: Ed Barbier, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Colorado State University", Green is the New Finance Podcast, Green Finance Institute. Available at and

November 9, 2020: Quoted in "Revealed: Covid recovery plans threaten global climate hopes", Fiona Harvey, The Guardian. Available at

October 13, 2020: Featured in "Don’t ignore economic lessons of the Great Recession: new UNEP report", UN Environment Programme News and Stories. Available at

July 3, 2020: Interview for "The Coronavirus Recovery Needs a Green New Deal" Jake Bullinger, Bitterroot. Available at

June 23, 2020: Interview for "Scientists Say The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Worsened Deforestation Worldwide" Nathan Rott, All Things Considered, National Public Radio. Available at

June 18, 2020: Interview for "No, The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Saving the Environment" Robin Young, Here & Now, WBUR Boston and National Public Radio. Available at

April 1, 2020: "Where in the World is Edward Barbier?" Jeff Dodge, The Source, Colorado State University. Available at

February 13, 2020: Interview for "Where did the Green New Deal come from?" Patricia Karvelas, RN Drive, Radio National, Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Available at

February 13, 2020: Research featured in Kiley Price, "Time for a tropical carbon tax, experts say." Conservation International Blog. Available at

January 28, 2020: Interview and featured in Michael Feebo, "American Green Economy Thriving." Ride Available at

October 8, 2019: Interview and profile featured in Helen Avery, "Conservation finance: Can banks embrace natural capital?" Euromoney. Available at

3 July 2019: Appearance on Deutsche Welle (DW) Germany broadcast on the global water crisis, featuring my book (Barbier, E.B. 2019. The Water Paradox: Overcoming the Global Crisis in Water Management. Yale University Press, New Haven and London). Video available at

29 June 2019: Interview on the Green New Deal with Michelle Chen, The Nation.

30 May 2019: Aquacast on The Water Paradox, Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA. Video available at

25 April 2019: Louis Foglia, CNN/Beme News video interview on the global water crisis and featuring The Water Paradox. Video available at

29 March 2019: Interview on climate change and poverty with Tara John, CNN International London.

20 March 2019: Interview on the Green New Deal with Carlyann Edwards, U.S. Economy, Bloomberg News.

12 March 2019: Interview "The Water Paradox & Managing Political Disagreements #960." One Life Radio at

3 March 2019: Interview on Global Water Woes in New Book with Steve Goldstein 91.5 KJZZ

28 February 2019, Radio Interview with Arnie Arnesen, The Attitude, Pacifica Network (Home Station -

27 February 2019, Interview on the Green New Deal with Aylin Woodward, Business Insider. Available at

12 February 2019: Interview with Chris Cherniak and Nell Larson on KPCW "This Green Earth – February 12, 2019 The Water Paradox."

24 August 2015: VOA Interview "Nature: World Should Heed Lessons from Hurricane Katrina"

20 August, 2015: Nature Podcast "Ten Years from Katrina"

20 August 2015: BBC Interview "Lessons from Katrina."

19 August 2015: "World Should Heed Lessons from Hurricane Katrina, UW Economist Says." University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA.

29-30 January 2015: Interview conducted at the EAERE Third Annual GGKP Conference on the topic of "Fiscal Policies and the Green Economy Transition: Generating Knowledge – Creating Impact"

17 November 2014: "UW’s Barbier: Natural Capital Depreciation Necessary in Measuring Economic Wealth." University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA, November 17, 2014.

24 September 2014: Scholarly Series honors UW Professor Edward Barbier during UW vs. Florida Atlantic Football Game.

7 December 2012: "UW Professor’s Work Appears in Two Prestigious Journals." University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA.

24 September 2012: "UW Professor’s Book Assesses Progress in Achieving Sustainable Economies." University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA.

January 2011: WPR Wyoming Signatures. Video/Interview: "Scarcity and Frontiers."